, 192.168.l.l wifi logo 192.168.l.l Router & Modem Network Configuration Center is a Router IP address which allows you to access the management panel with full authority. It’s used by many famous router and modem manufacturers as their routers’ default management gateway address. These factories provide this IP address so we can login to our router to diagnose network connection problems and configure router settings.

What can be done with

After you logged into your router with IP address, you will get full admin right of the router, then you will see many configuration options and features, the panel is provided by the router software which is pretty common with popular routers.

By accessing the configuration center of your router/modem, you will see options like network management, WIFI, LAN, IP Qos, WAN protocol settings, NAT virtual server, DHCP, WPS, DSL, ADSL, MAC, and also firewall settings in order to make your router and wireless signal more secure.

How to login IP address

To login to the management control panel of your device with full authority is very simple, just copy at your browser’s address bar, or simply manual type this address, then hit ‘Enter’, your browser will take you to the control panel. Please be noted they are all digital numbers, and don’t miss ‘http://’ with ‘https://’.

While logging into the router, we sometimes don’t remember router’s username or password, it’s a very common problem because although we use routers very often but we don’t login to router frequently.

What can you do if you forget your router/modem’s default password?
First, many router’s default username and password is the word ‘admin’, try this. If it’s not right, don’t worry, all you need to do is to reset the router, and then see the below list to find your router brand, then it will show you the default login info.

Find Default Password For Your Router


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