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192.168.l.l, 192.168.l.l wifi wireless router admin login passwords and ip address.IP address is commonly used as the gateway address of routers and modems. Many router manufacturers keep this IP address to configure router settings. It’s a private IPv4 network address consists of four parts, and of course you can login to your router to change it to or others. There is always a note at the back of your router indicating the modem’s default IP address along with username and password, be sure don’t mistake this address with 192.168.l.l.

Why can’t I login to

While you first purchased a router, it needs to be initially setup. Usually you can browse with your favorite browser, but sometimes it won’t show you the management pages or get an error page. If you get problem, it means you can’t get access to your router. How can you solve it?

The first step is to check whether the digital numbers is correct, this address consists of all numbers and dots, no alphabets , and there’s ‘http://’ before the numbers, not ‘https://’, if it still won’t work, go to the next step.

Open command console from your computer, it can be found at ‘Start menu-Run- CMD’ if you are using a Windows system. Type ‘ping -t’, watch the console carefully, if it reads ‘Can’t ping successfully’, it means there might be a connection error or your router and computer is not connected correctly.

How can I solve the router connection problem?

1) Check your router’s ports, whether the WAN and LAN ports are plugged correctly, then check your net card whether the small light is blinking. Of course this is for ADSL method, if you are using optical fiber way, checking the LAN port is not necessary.

2) Make sure your computer is configured correctly, you can check TCP/IP whether its property is configured as ‘Automatically obtain IP address’, make sure the gateway IP is your router’s IP address.

3) Make sure your browser is not behind a proxy and your computer’s firewall in turned on.

4) Reset your router to its default settings.

After all the above steps are completed, your router must be working fine. If you still can’t login to, you need to check whether your router is broken or the circuit board is burned out, in this case you should try another one.

How to setup my router with
First, you need to know what internet connection way you use. For home use, mostly internet companies are providing ADSL methods, but in your area, it all depends on their strategies. Be sure to note down ADSL dial-up username and password, they are the key to the door of internet.

Type with your browser, it will bring you router’s management panel and a login box, then type the login username and password, please note these are not the ones you use for your ADSL. Take a look at the your router’s back side, they are always marked there.

While logged into your router, the interface will show you options including network setup wizard, I strongly advice you to choose the wizard step by step if you are new to router settings. Among the steps, there are many network connection options you need to choose, including PPPOE(which also called ADSL or dial-up method). If your network is ADSL, it will ask you to enter username and password , they are provided by internet providers. You should type them carefully because internet providers always give you a complex password.

Some big internet providers also supply static IPs, which mostly target commercial customers. To configure a static IP, you need to input the static IP, gateway information, DNS, etc.
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Nowadays most routers support wireless function(WIFI), then it’s time to setup wireless modules. In most cases if you want to connect to a wireless router, it will asks you to enter a password, the password is like a passport, to protect routers from anonymous users. For sure it all depends on you whether to setup a password for your router or just leave it open to everyone. At the wireless setting interface, the password function also means ‘SSID’, WPE, WPA or WPA2, WPA2 is usually recommended if you want your router be protected with strong way, it’s more stable to brutal password attack. And I suggest you choose passwords very complex and mixed with numbers and alphabets.

After you’ve finished the above steps, you can use an available device such as a mobile phone or a PAD to test the wireless network. Try to search the WIFI signal, locate your wireless router, connect to it, input password, success! Then open a browser to explore, if it brings your router’s login box, it means everything is running smoothly. Of course it doesn’t matter what devices you are using including android devices, iPhones, iPads, etc.

What to do if I forget username and password of my router?
If you’ve changed your router’s default username and password before, and now don’t remember them, first, go to check the router brand, note the detail model. It’s pretty simple to do this, just read your router’s manual book or trademark. Then, find the default username and password at the manual book or Google them if you even can’t find the manual book, there will always be some answers, or just look at the router list below for your login info.

And please note that they are default username and password, you need to reset your router first. How to reset your router? Hold a stick or needle to the reset button for 10 to 20 seconds, then the device will recover to the initial status with default username and password, after that  everything goes to the first situation, then go to and configure your router.

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