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IP address is also the gateway address for many routers and modems, like D-link, Linksys, and Netgear. With this management address, you can easily log in to the your router to change necessary arrangements and configure network settings and other configurations at the management panel, whenever you get connection problems.

What can be done with

After you enter router’s IP address with your browser, you will get full authorization of the router. After accessing the router and see the management panel, you can change many settings and configurations the router software provides. The settings options include Network management, Security configuration, Users and Passwords, Wireless network, etc,. And other than these, there are more detailed options like IP setup, DNS, Qos, LAN, WAN, WLAN, proxy, ADSL, DSL, Firewall, MAC, WPS block, WPA, WPE, etc,. With the network setting options, you can manage your internet not only at your own location, but also your office, school, home, and wherever you go.

How to login IP address

1) Click Here
2) For your router, just copy and paste at your internet browser ‘s address bar, or just type manually and hit Enter, it will take you to the user interface(management panel) of your router. Also, you can reach the interface easily by clicking the above step of our site. Please remember is not 192.168.o.1 or, they are all digital numbers, no alphabets. The most common problem in the process of logging into the router is incorrect password. It may all due to over time and you’ve forgotten the unused passwords. If you don’t remember your router’s default user name and password, please read forward, there’s a list of the different username and passwords.

What can you do if you forget your router/modem’s default username and password?
It’s pretty easy to get your username and password back if you’ve forgotten them, all you need to do is to reset your router. Look carefully at the your router’s back, there’s a small reset button hidden. When the router is powered on, take a needle and hold to the button for a few seconds, now your router will be taken to factory settings. Then, you can review the following user name and password for the default login information.

Find Default Password For Your Router


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