, 192.168.l.l wifi logo 192.168.l.l Router & Modem Network Configuration Center is not a normal IP address for your router’s admin panel. It should be or, because an IPv4 address consists of four parts, each part separates with a dot, between the dots, as you can see they are all numbers. So you must have typed it by mistake, recheck it or read your router’s manual carefully.

What to do with

If you try to log into your router with this IP address, you will get an error page(404 not found). Then if you correct it with or, everything goes smoothly. The same familiar management center comes in front of you. In fact the control center is provided with your router’s built-in software or app. Within the app, there are a lot of choices for you to make adjustments of router settings. Such as IP and MAC address, DNS and DHCP, ADSL and DSL, WAN and LAN, Wireless or WIFI setup, IP Qos and firewall, Router user setting, etc,. It’s developed very handful for users to make your network configured to what you want.

How to get to the address

To access to your wireless router, you need to open your common browser first, because this address isn’t designed to be accessed with command console, it’s designed to be visual operated, so even a new user can read instructions and configure his router very easily. With your browser, you can type, or just copy and paste it. There won’t be any problems unless you don’t remember username and password for it.
router configuration and modem ip setting

What can you do if you don’t remember your router’s admin password?
First, find the manual book of your router, seek if there’s any information relating to users and password. If there’s none, turn over your router to find a label to see whether there’s a note indicating you the information. If there’s still none, reset your router: power it on, take a needle to toothpick and hold it to the reset button for several seconds. After it recovers to its factory settings, you can find it’s username and password at the following list.

Find Default Password For Your Router


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