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Some routers provide an address within their software based management interface for you to access and get all rights to edit rules. These network device companies have improved their routers/modems more convenient in order to help home-use network easily to be set up, no matter while you are using a PC, MAC, mobile phone or other available devices.

What can you do with IP address

As we mentioned above, you can log into your home-use router with and get full use of it. While you access the electronic network device, the software or application center will show you all features and options if you are the router admin. If you are not an administrator, you can log in with normal user privilege to see only partial functions.

When you get to the administration center, you will see many menus consisting of approximate these functions: network management, Wireless setup(WIFI or WLAN), WAN protocol configurations, LAN, IP and MAC address, router password setting, DHCP client, DSL and ADSL, Firewall and blocking feature, DNS and proxy setting, Virtual routing, IP Qos, etc,. Follow the menu introduction and you will get to know how to set them up easily.

How can I get access to

Routers and modems you are using are produced very easy to use even if you don’t know much about computer knowledge. You can simply use your browser to login into

There are several ways to access this IP address, first, manual type the address at your browser’s address bar, then hit ‘Enter’. Second, simply copy and paste the address with ‘http://’ above and paste to your browser’s address bar. Third, click the IP above and you will get to your device.

What to do if you can’t remember router’s default password?
The problem we ever face the most time is we can’t remember our router’s default password or even user name. It will show you some error code if you enter wrong passwords. How can you solve this problem?

Test ‘admin’ for both username and password, if this don’t work, please read following list might including your router’s brand and model.

Find Default Password For Your Router


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