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Some router brands use as its default management IP address, such as Digicom and Thomson. It assist you to enter you router and inner control pages with administration authority without any other conditions. By using the interface, you can build you own network with other computers, and of course, router is the most important link between them.

How can I access

In order to access your router’s management center, you need to type in your favorite browser, or copy the address above and paste it to your browser’s address bar. And to make sure it will succeed, double check the digits you typed, between the numbers there’s no spaces. After you’ve entered the interface, it will show you a box asking you router’s username and password.

What can I do if you forget password?

While access to the router at the login box, you can’t figure the user name and password, then what to do? If you haven’t changed it’s default ones before, then try to enter them, or locate the detailed brand and model in the following list. If there’s no wireless connection, try to use wired connection.

What’s the features of
With this IP address, you can settle your internet connection properly in the router’s management pages. After the pages prompt up, you will see networking parts, security functions, router admin, etc,.

And there are more detailed settings including: IP and gateway setting, DNS setting(you can use Google DNS and, WLAN and LAN, WIFI(wireless network), DHCP, Virtual routing, Proxy, Firewall and rules and other basic settings.

Find Default Password For Your Router


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