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IP address is the default management address for many routers, including some models of Belkin and SMC routers. This address is designed to access your router and modify some settings and configurations very easily by modem companies. And with its convenience, whenever you encounter some issues of network connection, you can solve them at the control panel.

What can be done with

When you login to your router’s console page with this IP address, you will see many menus and options just like what other routers will provide. These menus include your router’s main features for you to make some necessary adjustment in case you encounter some network problem or you need to build a small network group.

With the main features you see in the panel, there are network setup, wireless network setup, security center for router’s administration, and others. After you click the menus, you will see some detailed settings, including IP and MAC address, DNS, Gateway, Proxy, LAN, WLAN(WIFI), NAT virtual server, DHCP setting, DSL, ADSL, Firewall, Network Diagnose, etc,.

How can I reach IP

1) Click here
2) Copy and paste the address above to your favorite internet browser’s address bar, and hit ‘Enter’, this step can also be done with manual inputting the address at the address bar. It’s really simple even you are a new user to a router, after the above step, your browser will bring you a login box, it means you need to enter router’s username and password. Please remember it’s not your wireless signal’s username and password. People always get problems with this step because most of us don’t log into routers very frequently.

What can you do if you forget it’s username and password? Try ‘admin’ for both username and password first, if it doesn’t work, then try to reset your router in order to make it recover it’s default settings. Then find the default username and password at the following list if you still don’t know them.

Find Default Password For Your Router


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